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    Made in America #maga #jobs #success
    November 1, 2018
      Many suppliers that ran to China to manufacture are now seeing a path to bring back manufactured parts to the US. This is a direct result of several factors: Rising costs in China. The growing middle class in China is demanding better wages and benefits. The inventory cost of parts in transit has become significant. I have always said that this cost was very much understated by most manufacturers in order to justify decisions to start operations in China. Customers are demanding shorter and shorter lead times. Just a few years ago, it was not on many people's radar to have one day deliveries, but now it is common. Orders placed in China, that require cargo shipping, can have lead time of 15 or more weeks.This forces suppliers to carry much more inventory in the U.S. to meet customer expectations. So how do manufacturers tackle the return to the US?   The number one method that we teach at R&R Consultants is design for manufacturing. These techniques take the steps out of the manufacturing cycle. We have been aggressively implementing these techniques on many products with fantastic results. Sure, you could remove these same steps from the China manufactured parts, but you still have the inventory and turn around time problem.       LET US HELP YOU BRING IT BACK    
    5 Things a Business Should Avoid #IRS #Taxes #improve #smallbusiness
    November 1, 2018
      When it comes to succeeding as a small business owner, the fact is that there’s no one secret to success. However, after spending 30-plus years in the business world, much of it coaching other small business owners, I have realized that there are a few actions guaranteed to spell failure for your SMB. Here are 5 things that you as a small business owner should avoid at all costs: Do Not Spend Employee Tax Contributions Thinking of using your employee tax contributions for needed business improvements? Think again! You would be shocked to know how many small business owners dip their hands into these company deposits. This is a fatal flaw and also one that’s illegal. In the eyes of the IRS, these deposits belong to the Feds, and spending them on company purchases is a seriously bad idea. Do Not Dilute Business Ownership If your small business is low on funds, you might be tempted to distribute a percentage of your company. Unfortunately, diluting your business ownership with sweat equity can cause serious problems down the line. If you anticipate a time when you need to flip your business, or hire some high-end personnel, then avoiding this course is probably wise. Do not use a Shotgun Approach to Sales It’s no secret that a business relies on healthy sales figures in order to survive.  However, SMBs that take a shotgun approach to selling are likely wasting their time.  Instead of marketing to the widest possible audience, aim to target those customers who are most likely to buy your goods and services. Do Not Forget Your Goals You can’t measure your business’ success—or failure—if you neglect to keep track of your goals. To ensure you stay accountable, make your goals measurable, time- sensitive, and not too far in the future. Doing this ensures you stop procrastinating and take the action steps you need to succeed. A Warm Body is Not a Partner Small business owners know that their employees are the hearts and souls of their businesses and the ones who interact with customers on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, not all workers are created equal.  If you hire your friends just to have “butts in the chairs,” you might be doing your business serious harm in the long run.  For best results, take time to find the right man or woman for the job rather than selecting the first resume to come across your desk. Sponsored By    
    THE CLOUD #cloud #cloudcomputing #data #sharedata
    November 1, 2018
        The $270 Billion Cloud Computing Market   The global cloud computing market is expected to grow at an 30% CAGR reaching $270 billion in 2020, concludes the latest research report covering the cloud computing products, technologies and services for the global market Cloud computing provides many advantages for companies today. From streamlining processes to improving communication to cutting IT budgets, the cloud is an essential tool for the business world. Do you own a business that values going green or maybe you run a company out of your home or you lead a non-profit organization? It doesn’t matter what type of company or industry, we can find the right solution for your specific needs Sponsored By CLICK FOR HELP      
    Networking Tricks #marketing #newcustomers #business
    November 1, 2018
          FROM A WORLD WIDE EXPERT Networking is free, most of the time. It’s full of like-minded individuals, and if you go to the right events, it’s full of people you can work with or learn from in some way. I have been a business leader providing leadership training for many years. No matter whether you are selling products or yourself your brand is your most important asset. But if you think you can sell at a networking event, it will not work. As a business coach I always recommend you must focus on your brand. Whether you are an executive coach, attorney or individual business entrepreneur, you have a brand. A networking event is where you can get your brand in front of others. Remember it takes a least 6 to 10 times meeting and contacting someone before you will get feedback. Face-to-face networking events create lasting impressions in the minds of people you meet. I mean, ultimately, it’s not about whom you know, but rather who knows you, right? A few tricks that I have learned over the years. Time in Asia taught me to turn my business card around and look down at it, replacing the Japanese bow. This will automatically cause your target to look at your card. Don’t talk about yourself or business. Tell them what you can do for them. If you know something about their business, tell them how you can help them solve a specific problem. If this is you first meeting, tell them you are glad to meet them and excited that you know you can help them. Always acknowledge people you have met before. I am not impressed with flashy business cards that look like someone has spent more time trying to cram info on the card than thinking about their brand. Create a simple brand slogan, and put it on the card. Remember they only look at your card for a few seconds so put something on it that is easy to stick with them. Work the room. I always look for someone on the other side of the room I do not know and head for that person, on the way you can stop and meet others. Do not be a bore. Remember most of the people are in the room for the same reason you are. So spend only the time necessary to get your message across and move on. You can tell quickly the people that are there to socialize only and need to be avoided. Through our more than 60 years of executive leadership, business networking has become a major activity for the R&R team.  R&R Consulting was created more than 20 years ago by experienced Executives who have a vision to make a difference for our clients. We have extensive experience in many sectors and management levels on small and large projects. “Let us become your business partner”  
    Steve Jobs- A different type of creative genius #iphone #genius #tech
    November 1, 2018
      We can all teach and coach to learn and practice what he did daily. As an engineer and an engineering manager  I  continually strived to push people to maximize their performance based on their intellect, not knowing that creative genius is a combination of intellect and intuition. The ability to think, to reflect on ourselves and our behavior and to plan ahead, may be the feature that most defines us as humans. But thinking is not an unmitigated blessing. There are many ways to define intuition, but all present a kind of conundrum. The act of reflecting on intuition is precisely what intuition isn't. Intuition is really your brain on autopilot, performing its actions of processing information outside of your awareness that it's operating. It's non-conscious thinking. Non-conscious processes operate all the time in complex decision-making. Often enough, we just don't give them credit. Often we cite rational-sounding criteria for our feelings and actions and do not disclose the subjective preferences of feelings that arise spontaneously. It is very rare to find humans with both high intellect and high intuitive abilities. These exceptions are the very rare 'creative geniuses' who have made some of the great breakthroughs of our time. Surly Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell were in this group. In my recent studies of the late Steve Jobs undoubtedly was one of these ‘creative geniuses’. When he was nineteen, Steve Jobs traveled to India where he stayed in few remote villages. There he learned from a Buddhist guru, the art of staying calm and focused. Even his Zen capabilities are attributed to these origins. In his interviews, he often states that, in order to get thinking and predicting the next item that people need in the future, it is very important to enter a state of complete solitude, peace and calmness. In this state, the power of intuition and that of experimental wisdom hit us where we can start thinking eliminating all other worries that sit at the back of our head. The human mind is perennially restless with the fast pace of life and other human behavior, but once we learn how to focus and pay attention to all the subtle things around, our intuition begins to blossom. We can concentrate on our study even more and focus our energy in the right direction. Our work seems to be getting optimal results and we can visualize a tremendous expanse at that very moment. Creativity hits its peak at that moment and this is when Steve Jobs, as he claims, helps him get his way. The sad part of this is he would be most likely be with us today had he relied on his doctors instead of his strong determination to heal him. Steve Jobs was well known for his impatience and demanding personality, but much of this was probably a direct result of dealing with people who had little understanding of his expectations and vision. Developing a balance between intuition and intellect, however, is not achieved overnight. It is not merely a power, but a discipline that stays with one forever and must be practiced on a regular basis. Before Jobs passed away, Google’s Larry Page had a business coaching with him regarding this. During this business coaching, Jobs told him to focus on the long term goal of the company and decide on the direction accordingly. A technical analysis may show the short term profit ventures of the company, but in the long term, we must not be trapped by dogma which is getting affected by what other people think. One must always listen to his/her inner voice and have the courage to go ahead with his/her intuition. Thus, business coaching should no longer be concentrated at an entrepreneurial aspect but should include a spiritual route which emphasized  the importance of turning sophisticated things into simple, organized thoughts, using our intuition to its maximum. We are your Technology Expert
    Fact to Face with W. Edwards Deming #statistics #lean #zerodefects #doyourbest
    November 1, 2018
        Early in the 1980’s I was an engineer/manager in one of GM’s largest component division in Indiana. We manufacture more than 30,000 units a day of more than 10 different electrical components, such as starters, alternators, distributors and many other products. Our plant complex, located in central Indiana, utilized over 20,000 hourly and salary employees. Our quality philosophy was 100 % inspections, managed by the quality organization, utilizing a contentious relationship with manufacturing and the union. Manufacturing worked hard to get everything past the inspection people whether it was a good part or not. At the time most US manufacturers had terrible quality and reliability records, causing excessive costs and customer dissatisfaction.  It was very common to have 10 to 15% rejects at the end of every assembly line and many rework resources being applied to correct. Most Americans can remember when Toyota and the other Japanese suppliers started selling cars in the US.  Many of us, especially in the US car industry, laughed under our breaths, but it was not long before they knocked us completely out of the ring. Their entrance, spurred by Dr. Deming’s training in Japan, started a revolution in US industry which has lasted for the last 30+ years. A revolution which many other gurus have claimed credit, but none can claim the grand prize that Dr. Deming deserves for turning all of the US industry around. I first met Dr. Deming in March of 1983, after being assigned as a quality superintendent and charged with helping change the mindset and operating plan of our manufacturing and quality organization to focus on quality improvement. I attended Dr. Deming’s seminar on “Quality, Productivity and Competitive Position” and received an autographed copy of his book, which I treasure.  Little did I know at the time that this one seminar made the most significant impact on my career of any other activity.  Leading to an ongoing career of helping all types of manufacturing activities improve quality and costs, expanding my portfolio to include lean training and organization training all over the world. Currently I am focusing on being an excellent consultant to many high tech industries, supporting a wide range of technologies. I can still remember being amazed at the 83 year old expert telling a “know-it-all” American audience that we did not have a clue. At one point Dr. Deming focused on the 8th of his “14 points” of management - Drive out fear in the organization, where he stated we should eliminate employee performance appraisals.  One of the braver participants stood and asked, “What should we replace them with?” Dr. Deming’s answer paraphrasing. “Stupid, are you not listening. I said eliminate!” This is where I realized, but did not understand until many years later, that his teachings were not just about statistics. They were about a true quality culture. This was just the first of many quality experiences that I had as a direct result of Dr. Deming’s training.  I plan to share many more in the future. Let Us be Your Partner
    August 4, 2018
    If you have been struggling with what to do with your life and career. Franchising is not a bad alternative. Advantages of buying a franchise Franchises offer the independence of small business ownership supported by the benefits of a big business network. You don't necessarily need business experience to run a franchise. Franchisors usually provide the training you need to operate their business model. Franchises have a higher rate of success than start-up businesses. You may find it easier to secure finance for a franchise. It may cost less to buy a franchise than start your own business of the same type. Franchises often have an established reputation and image, proven management and work practices, access to national advertising and ongoing support Surprising enough you can get into a franchise for a reasonable amount of money. Take a look at this article on some lower cost franchises. CLICK TO READ ABOUT TOP TEN          
    April 15, 2018
    WHAT DOES YOUR FUTURE HOLD? For everyone that starts or buys a company, they will always exit their business. It is part of life. With saying that, most owners don’t plan for that eventuality until it is too late. While I can’t begin to explain why people avoid the inevitable, I can talk about the options you have.  So let's talk about a planned exit of  a business. CLICK TO GET YOUR VALUE BUILDER SCORE The first thing you must determine is how to maximize the value of your company at the time of exit. Regardless of the monetary value of the company there are 8 factors that when addressed can significantly impact the value of your company. They are things, like customer concentration, organizational structure, decision making, growth, and scalability.   There are multiple ways to exit your business, which one you select really is based upon your needs and desires. Let's look at your options. Liquidation Keep in the family Sell the business to the employees Sell on the open market IPO READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE For more help call ADVICOACH for a commitment free discussion.  
    April 5, 2018
    Have you ever felt like every meeting you went to was a complete waste of your time and everyone else in the room? Well you are not alone, 47 percent of workers cited “too many meetings” as the number 1 time waster in the office.
    How to have a Successful Remodeling Business
    January 25, 2018
    How to have a Successful  Remodeling Business I had the opportunity to read an article on building a remodeling company. It talked about successful remodelers and what they needed to do to build their reputation. It is all about having the right people and processes in place to develop that reputation. John Stacy of Advicoach discussed what the possibilities are. Below is a short note on the article with a link to the complete document. Do you have effective cost controls? Are you able to access the quality products that your customers require at a great value? Do you have reliable suppliers that you can go to for your major inputs? One of the area’s that may have made you successful is the people that complete the work for you. We have talked about the quoting and having systems in place that can help you be successful, but the quality of the work that your company provides is contingent on having the right trade people in place. They not only need to do great work, but you can trust that they will go the extra mile taking care of your business. Your reputation depends on it. Successful remodeling companies have developed a team of reliable trades people and sub-contractors. They have learned over time to trust this Team to provide the high level quality that your customers demand. You have spent years finding the right people that will help you build the reputation of the company. Without this Team you cannot be successful long-term. Do you have a staff of reliable tradespeople and subcontractors? If you do, how do you recruit them? If you don't have a great Team, what steps are you taking today to get the high quality people that you need. Being the cheapest, may not be the right criteria. As you continue to build this Team, do you give them any specific regular training? Are they loyal to you, are You loyal to them? What would happen if you decided to sell the company or exit the business? Let us help you!!!!!
    Do You Want to Become a Professional Business Coach
    December 21, 2016
    Do you want to help business owners transform their business? As an AdviCoach you have the opportunity to grow your business while helping others.
    Value Builder Engagement Expectations
    December 19, 2016
    Find out what the 8 factors that drive the value of your company - and what you can do to transform your business to maximize your value.
    The Automatic Customer
    December 15, 2016
    Creating a subscription business in any industry. The lifeblood of your business is repeat business.
    How to become a Customer Magnet
    December 7, 2016
    After spending countless hours coming up with an idea and a strategic plan, you finally started your own business.
    Re-Energize Your Business
    December 7, 2016
    Every business will experience an “off” day or two – it is a natural part of the sales cycle. However, when those days turn into “off” weeks and then “off” months, that’s when your business has found itself in a classic example of a “business slump”.
    Get out of your own shadow
    December 7, 2016
    Every business, small or large, has a desire to be better somehow. No one is ever quite satisfied, and perhaps that’s a good thing, because satisfaction can often lead to complacency.
    December 7, 2016
    GALLUP REPORTS: One in five U.S. small business owners (20%) report not taking any vacation days in the past 12 months, with another 21% saying they took a week or less
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