Get the facts about genuine Microsoft software.

The risks of counterfeit software are real and can have devastating effects on your PCs and devices. Understand how to recognize counterfeit software and protect yourself from its harmful effects.

Benefits of Genuine
 image02 Genuine software provides protection.

Genuine software helps protect against viruses, spyware, malware, and other risks associated with counterfeit software.

 image01 Genuine software is supported.

Only genuine software is supported by Microsoft or Microsoft partners. Users of counterfeit software aren’t entitled to support, which will leave them at a real loss when things go wrong.

Arm your team with affordable and powerful machines

Windows 10 Pro comes standard on innovative devices built for getting work done – from 2-in-1s that work like a tablet or laptop, tablets with voice recognition, to heavy duty workhorses with a keyboard and mouse.

image03It’s a laptop when you’re heads down, a tablet when you’re on the go—or on a break. Discover Windows 10 Pro 2-in-1s with great battery life and fast performance, powered by 6th Gen Intel®Core™ processors.

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