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Spectrum Assessments

We are more than just a psychometric assessment development company.

We are a team of experts and subject matter experts from many different professional backgrounds. We do not just live in the world of theory, we have global business experience which allows us to identify with the challenges our customers face. Our focus is not just selling you another assessment, it is about helping you find solutions and making a difference in your organization.

Our mission is to create the very best assessment tools and human development systems at the very best price for individuals and businesses. We are innovators who advance psychometric assessment theory, practical application and education. We believe listening to, and working with our customers is very important, as is the availability of customization in our products.

image01Targeted Assessments

Most assessment companies today use a one-size-fits-all approach. They offer one questionnaire for their assessment and then simply change the output of the report and say they are measuring different aspects of a person (sales, leadership, sports, etc.). Many of the same assessment companies have been using questionnaires that have not been updated in 20+ years. The result is, people do not connect with the assessments because of improper or outdated verbal linguistics; there is 0 face validity in the questionnaires; and the results are often inaccurate. 

At Spectrum Assessments we take a targeted approach to all of our assessments to ensure 100% face validity, verbal linguistic-cognitive matching, and very high accuracy in results.