logo_horizontalpage_david-768x538Businesses are like people; everyone is different, and everyone contributes something significant to the fabric of the community it inhabits.

Visibly Connected is no different. For the past 15 years we have successfully marketed small businesses online. In the beginning this was a simple webpage offering information and ways to interact with customers. Over the years, we have flexed and expanded to specialize in web-design, social media management, blogging, search engine optimization, and logo design. More importantly, we understand that as a small business, the combination of services you need is not the same as that of another business. Our contribution to our internet community is to expand your contribution.

While our business focus is on increasing your internet footprint, we also belong to the same community you and your business belong to, and as such, both David and Page, individually strive to strengthen the real world and people that make up our lives.

Page really shines in this area. Her charisma, communication skills, and dedication drive her to reach out in a business sense, but even more importantly, as a friend. Anyone who works with us knows that they are not only getting great internet assistance, but also a friend who is there to listen and help.

David is the creativity and bulldog of the enterprise. When a job needs to get done he is always there. Where David really excels is at sharing his knowledge. Many are the days when David can be found teaching individuals and business the ins and outs of what he does. He is a firm believer that knowledge is best when shared with everyone in his community.

Visibly Connected strives to strengthen both the virtual and real world communities.